Vi-John Luxurious Men Grooming Kit(Shave Foam All Skin type 400 GM, After shave Splash 50GM, Hair Gel 25GM,Master Stroke Hair Removal Cream Argan Oil 60GM,Cobra Perfume 60ml,Deo Gold Edition Crystal 150ml,Deo Cobra Oud150ml)

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Vi-John provides Men Luxurious Grooming kit with combination of best products that includes Shave Foam, ASL Splash, Men's Hair Removal Cream, Hair Gel, Cobra Perfume 60 ml, Deo Gold Edition 150 ml, Deodorant Cobra 150ml. It is a complete Kit offering a best care products packed together.
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-Argan oil hydrates & softens skin, Painless hair removal results that last longer than shaving.
-Rejuvenates skin- VI JOHN shave foam has the powerful anti-bacterial tea tree oil.
-Experience the energizing new after shave splash & soothing like a cool ocean breeze with moisturizers that soften the skin.
-Perfume has bright fresh scent of citrus smoothly blended.
-Deodorant cobra radiate a fresh burst of energy
-Vijohn Hair Gel is Great for the casual, daily look.