VI-JOHN Deo Cobra Oud & Envy 150ml (pack of 2)with TALC CLASSIC JASMINE 100 GM (Buy 2 get 1 Free Offer)

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This Diwali Festival Celebrate with Vi-John Brand. Vi-John offering a Combo pack with great discount, It is Buy 2 get 1 free offer- Deodorant Cobra & with Talcum. (WITH FREE DELIVERY CHARGE)
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-Deo has Long lasting refreshing fragrance and fresh feeling.
-The rich and the intoxicating scent will let you make a style statement of your own.
-Perfectly suits your youthful charming personality.
-Absorbs oil and moisture, Gentle Care & Reliable Protection.
-Nourishes, refreshes and give magic glow & Suitable for all skin types.
-Improves complexion, also has anti-pigmentation and anti-tanning properties.